Merchants Central

 Interested Merchant? Call (330) 734-5584 or email Merchants @ Diners

1) Merchant Profile Managment

These profile appears when Visitors click on Food Search. 

Use your email to login. The platform will generate a new password if requested. 

2) Merchant Offers Management

We're keeping this simple for now: 

Confirm the incentive you're providing Diners Republic Subscribers and we'll manage the Offer on your behalf. 

In early 2018, we'll offer Merchants direct access to our online marketing platform so you can create, manage and track your digital Offers. 

3) Merchant Membership & Survey Management

As a Merchant, you're entitled to a free Subscription in the Diners Republic. Email us for details. 

Once you've joined, and if you're interested, we'll give you the tools to create, track and administer your own Surveys via our website and mobile platform.

And remember, everything Merchants do on the Diners Republic platform is FREE ! 
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