Frequently Asked Questions, Terms & Conditions and Privacy

Why is the Akron Territory limited to 5K Members?

The Membership size of each Territory is coordinated to the number of Merchants in the Territory and its geographic size.

What is your subscription policy?

Because of the structure of the Diners Republic / Merchant arrangement, refunds are not permitted.

All subscriptions are paid in advance.

What is the Diners Republic Card?

To take advantage of any promotions or incentives offered by our Merchants, present your Diners Republic Card on your phone via the app or mobile website.

How do Merchants listings work?

We offer profiles of independent food and beverage businesses within a Diners Republic Territory.

How does a Merchant get profiled ?

Send an email to Merchants@dinersrepublic.com and we'll explain how it works.

It's free for a Merchant to join, and there aren't any monthly listing fees.

If you need assistance with your listing, or would like Diners Republic to handle it, or provide any additional marketing services (content development, photos, videos etc), we're happy to assist.

Where are you located?

Explorers Republic LLC, the parent company of Diners Republic, is based in Akron, Ohio with a network of creatives working from wherever they are the most productive and responsive to our Merchants and Members.

Who is Diners Republic?

Currently in beta-stage development, we are privately funded and based in Akron Ohio.

Diners Republic is part of Explorers Republic, LLC.

Our Management Team and Advisors have a combined 145 years of experience with F&B technology, marketing platforms, event management, venture capital and membership management.

> Nathalie V. Antus - Owner of Concho Productions. Lives in San Francisco.
> Jason Bryant - Owner of Bryant Real Estate. Lives in NC.
> Mike Crall - Owner of Rosetta Resorts. Lives in CA.
> Ed Gaffney - Owner of Explorers Republic. Lives in Akron.
> Devin Kimble - Owner of Hong Kong Beer Co. Lives in Singapore.
> Jill Bacon Madden - Owner of Jilly's Music Room. Lives in Akron.
> Dan Young - Owner of DXY. Lives in Berlin.

What is the Akron Territory?

It's roughly 2500 square miles, shaped with Medina on the West side, Youngstown on the East, Streetsboro on the North and North Canton on the Southern end. These are just general boundaries.

Why Territories?

Because traditional search is limited to a specific city, and people don't work that way. We've found that Members are willing to drive a few miles for a great meal, even if it's beyond their 'normal' area.

What is a mobile platform?

Diners Republic is accessible via a normal web browser, a mobile browser or our app from Apple or Google.

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